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Find out what REALLY makes a sign tick. Here we give the most sexual secrets for each sign; how to turn them on in the sack, favorite sexual positions, best erogenous zones to attack with some handy techniques, and finally, sure fire ways to pick up your targeted Zodiac sign. Click on the sign that you want to see below.

Please keep in mind that everyone is different and these descriptions are based mainly on the Sun Sign.


The Female Aries
Watch out for the Aries female! She can turn on the sexual firepower and leave you with your jaw on the floor wondering what just happened. Once she is in the mood, you'd better satisfy her hunger. Her actions are domineering and may seem aggressive, but if you can stick it out, it's well worth it. The Aries female views sex as one of many pleasures in life. Keep in mind that flattery will get you everywhere with Aries females, but they are very independent so make sure they have their space. If you're too clingy, this will be a short-lived experience for both of you.

When an Aries woman gives herself, it's more for her than you. She is not afraid to say what is on her mind in bed. You are sure to hear her orders barked out ("faster, slower, harder") to satisfy her needs (and yours). She will have sex just about anywhere that suits the need. While you're trying to set a mood lighting candles or putting on soft music, she may slip off your pants and have hers off before you light a match. You must match the enthusiasm to survive. You must ask yourself: Am I ready for a roller-coaster sex life? You'd better be. She needs someone to keep up with her or you'll get behind.

Aries women like to be in complete control and on top. This position allows control of her partner and her orgasm. Expect a show. She does not hold back from verbal or physical enthusiasm. Moans, shouts, scratches are to name a few. She has an animalistic sex drive. She loves the forbidden. Don't be surprised to find some leather outfits or even whips in the bedroom. Domination and submission can take over her bedroom. She has a keen ability to make her lover be a sex toy, but a sex toy that lusts after her. Make sure you satisfy her because when you do, you'll have many encounters to come. Just be sure to keep things exciting and edgy.

The Male Aries
If you haven't already noticed, get ready for a high energy, aggressive lover. They tend to be domineering and nothing is out of bounds for these guys. Especially where you have sex--just about anywhere will do. This adds to the element of excitement. You had better be ready for anything. Also, he can be possessive of his mate. He wants it all. Once he has you, he will lock the doors and things will start heating up. You'll be on the edge of the bed with excitement. Expect a rough and wild (and sometimes even quick) ride in the bedroom.

If you are ready for sex, this is your man. Don't come out to play with this guy if you are only teasing. He has no time for your games. When you are ready, you will be put in sexual positions you've only heard stories about. When the green flag is waved, be assured you are going to start in high gear. Once you start, he loves to use shock value. He may explore areas you didn't know you had. While exploring, you may feel a pinch here and a bite or tug there. Aries men can get a little rough for some tastes. After a bit of foreplay you might find yourself in the doggy style position. Oh, and don't be surprised if there's a little spanking.

The Aries man is a fast and furious lover. They are very vocal in bed, giving orders and being dominant. He is not afraid to voice his opinion either or to try new and exciting things in bed. Sadism is not too far out there for the Aries man, either. So, beware when entering into a sexual relation with some Aries men. You need to be comfortable with giving yourself 100% with an Aries man. Keep in mind there is always high energy and a domineering attitude toward their partners.

The Female Taurus
Sexual signals may be sent out to many men, but few will make the cut. The Taurus woman's strong intuition drives her menu selection, and if you're lucky, she'll feast upon you. She is on the hunt for a true love. Once in her grasp, she may become jealous and dramatic flares may arise. She knows what she wants and won't let anyone stand in her way. Never double cross the Taurus woman, for you will make a life-long enemy. Stay on her good side and she'll shower you with many pleasures of life - sex being top on the list. The Taurus woman is a very loyal and trustworthy companion if you treat her like royalty.

If you want to get a Taurus woman in the bedroom, you must first wine and dine her in full force. The finer things in life will get you lucky here. Whether it's with a classy necklace or a bottle of fine wine, these items will get you some action. Now that you are in the bedroom, don't try any unconventional approaches. She likes everything to be textbook sex. This doesn't mean experimentation is out of the question. She simply must feel comfortable with you first. Taurus woman are some of the most skilled lovers of the Zodiac, but the sex is on their terms. Even if the sex is on their terms, you will be most satisfied.

Everything is planned. She picks out the perfect outfit, perfumes, and aphrodisiacs to heighten the sexual experience. When it's time for sex, she'll take you by the hand and lead you to ecstasy. Since she has a flair for drama, don't be surprised if you find yourself role-playing in bed. Also, she has a tendency for oral gratification. Just keep in mind that she will seduce you when she sees what she likes.

The Male Taurus
First thing to note about this guy is to be straightforward with them. They can see insincerity a mile away. His stubbornness will turn on you and he will not budge. Let him bring you into his element where he feels most comfortable: his home. Here he'll charm you into a whirlwind of pleasures. Food is a top luxury, along with other treasures he has collected over the years. He will make you feel very special and comfortable. That's the way he wants it--he feels at ease when his partner can be themselves. But if you are not sure you want to be there, he will pick up on it and go right to sleep. His approach to sex is similar to his courting: he wants to enjoy every moment. The key is for the Bull to come to you. When he is ready he will charge at your sexy red lingerie. These guys are in for the long haul, but only if he thinks you are worthy. A one-night situation may easily blossom into something more.

The Taurus man loves to make love. It's not a game, a play, or a stage to show off. It is simply sex for sex. He's in it for the pure pleasure it offers. As a partner of Taurus men, you don't have to do a lot of encouragement. You will know when they are ready. Their approach is traditionally slow and not spur-of-the-moment. They do not stray from their techniques. They have gathered many sexual skills over the years. There is a definite routine that has been mastered over time. And they like it often. This doesn't mean you will be bored. Taurus men are regular pleasuredomes. And be assured you'll hear what they like done to them. After all, this is his pleasure. The Taurus stamina is unmatched. They will wear you down if you let them. This can certainly make up for lack of imagination. To get a Taurus male to explore more exotic areas, they need some suggestion. But be careful not to boss. This will have opposite of the desired effect.

Taurus men are not like to give full body rubdowns with scented oils and lit candles. The scent of a woman is very important. Even experimenting with body shots and champagne sucked off various parts of the body can happen. An oral fixation may appear for some male Taureans. Some toe sucking and other oral pleasures may almost certainly surface. Let them work you over with his ritualistic foreplay.

The Female Gemini
The Twin female can make friends quickly. Her conversation skills are fine-tuned for catching her mate. She is usually looking for a long-term relationship. She has a sympathetic ear and can ease your problems with kind words and a gentle touch. When you need friendly advice, you can count on the female Twin. She likes to be liked, but might not like everyone else. Her thoughts are all over the map. She is constantly looking for activities to keep her interest. Her erratic thought patterns sometimes make her feel unorganized. This may bring on feelings of self-doubt and fear of the unknown. Although she is very affectionate and inquisitive she may appear cold. This is because she relies on her intelligence more than her emotions.

The Female Twin is prone to be involved with many men